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Heavy duty shelving

  • Heavy duty shelving
  • Heavy duty shelving
  • Heavy duty shelving
Heavy duty shelvingHeavy duty shelvingHeavy duty shelving

Heavy duty shelving

  • Product description: Heavy duty shelving

Heavy duty shelving

Heavy duty shelving
Heavy-duty Shelving is the idea solution for storing heavy-duty palletized and non-palletized goods.
It’s built by pallet racking frames, step beams or standard boxed beams with special clips and shelves. It can be incorporated into Pallet Racking to maximize storage capacity, picking face and minimize storage space.

We're Heavy Duty Shelving Unit Manufacturer, and Wholesale Heavy Duty Shelving Unit. Our high quality product: Heavy Duty Shelving Unit is for sale now with low price.

Characteristics of Heavy Duty Shelving
1. Heavy duty shelving is a kind of assembly type industrial shelving that can be used to store various kinds of bulk cargo. 
2. Separate shelf frame and shelf boards are available.
3. The shelf frame is installed with shims and floor fixing bolts.
4. Our heavy duty shelving is very safe and secure.

As a professional heavy duty shelving manufacturer in China, we have passed ISO9001:2000 certification and our products have all passed FEM, DIN, and RMI tests.
Our heavy duty shelving, material handling equipment and other products are very popular in America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.
Please contact us if you require of any of our products.



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