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Wire Mesh Container

  • Wire Mesh Container
  • Wire Mesh Container
  • Wire Mesh Container
Wire Mesh ContainerWire Mesh ContainerWire Mesh Container

Wire Mesh Container

  • Product description: Wire Mesh Container
Wire mesh Container
Wire Container, is a kind of standard distribution container. It is mainly used for storing the heavier and bigger commodity and the portage of mechanized turnover. Especially for usage of automobile industries home-applicants industries mechanize hardware industries. Now it is generally used in Europe American Japan Taiwan and other regions. 
• The features of Wire Container
• 1. Uniform specifications, fixed capacity, and you can see all the goods you stored in the shelf which it is easy for calculating.
2. Can use truck hoist and crane and it can pile four layers to realize the tri-dimensional storage
3.easy operated, generally used and durable 
4. Have the firm structure because it is welded by the strong iron wires and the bottom is made by the U-shape steel rail.
5. Cooperate with equipments such as truck, fork, and apply for the distribution parts such as portage loading and discharge 

6.use the hollow plate for cushion to protect the transporting equipments.



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