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Fixed Stacker Rack

  • Fixed Stacker Rack
Fixed Stacker Rack

Fixed Stacker Rack

  • Product description: Fixed Stacker Rack
The Fixed Stacking racks are the most flexible storage racks in the industry. It is conveniently, safety and reliably. It can be stacked nestable together when it don't storage goods so it occupies smaller area. It can be used wildly for industrial warehouse, dock, storehouse, railway station and suitable for classified storage and keep of spare parts which are packaged by box or bulk. 

1) Fixed and welded frame construction; Nestable when not in use 
2) This design nests 6 to 7 units when empty for shipping and storage, but is stackable when in use 
3) The bottom guides line up with upper arms to allow stacking 4 to 5 high 
4) The rear posts are inset which provides a stop for your forklift drive to know when the load is positioned correctly in the rack 
5) Fork lift drivers can move multiple pallet positions at one time which decreases handling costs The durable all steel construction eliminates the expensive replacement of wooden pallets 
6) Reduces product damage 

7) Finish: Powder coated or hot dip galvanized



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